Thursday, March 14, 2013

Air Source Heat Pumps from Global Energy Systems – livejournal

Cutting carbon emissions and heating bills is a key concern for many of us. Global Energy Systems’, MCS accredited Eco Air Boiler offers a cost effective solution, with simple MCS accredited installation service and minimal disruption. An Eco Air Boiler can run your central heating and hot water system with low carbon, renewable energy through Global Energy Systems’ air source heat pump technology. Offering savings of up to 60% of carbon emissions and 65% of heating bills, an Eco Air Boiler can pay back your investment in as little as 3 years.

Whether you are looking for an environmentally responsible way of providing central heating and hot water for a young family, planning to reduce your fuel bills for retirement or designing an eco upgrade to make your home or office more sustainable air source heat pumps are an ideal solution. Eco Air Boilers can heat water up to 70°C from air temperatures as low as -25°C, with minimal noise and easy controls. Designed and built for the UK climate to offer up to 400% efficiency, generating up to 4 times the heat output of the electrical input, this is micro generationthrough renewable energy in your own home.

As an MCS accredited manufacturer and installer of our own heat pumps, Global Energy Systems can provide a full assessment, specification and installation service, ensuring that your renewable energy solution is tailored to your needs.

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